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Introducing PrismaGPT: Harness the power of GPT-4 to effortlessly create Prisma Client queries and raw SQL statements. Interact with your Prisma schema using natural language and receive accurate query results.

Use Cases

  • Query Generation Made Simple: Use plain language prompts to create Prisma queries with ease.
  • Prisma Schema Understanding: Learn how to interact with your Prisma schema effectively.
  • Raw SQL Output: Get the equivalent raw SQL statements for the generated Prisma queries.
  • Efficient Query Creation: Save time by swiftly generating complex queries.


  1. Natural Language Interaction: Communicate with your Prisma schema in everyday language.
  2. Prisma Client Queries: Receive ready-to-use Prisma Client queries for your applications.
  3. Raw SQL Statements: Gain insights into the underlying SQL for the generated queries.
  4. Schema Integration: Easily add your schema to PrismaGPT to begin query generation.
  5. Production-Ready: Create robust and reliable queries for your production Prisma apps.
  6. Effortless Learning: Understand Prisma schema interaction without extensive technical knowledge.

Suited For

PrismaGPT is well-suited for a variety of users:

  • Developers: Streamline Prisma query creation for your applications.
  • Database Enthusiasts: Explore Prisma schema interaction and SQL generation.
  • Prisma Beginners: Learn how to effectively use Prisma schema in queries.
  • Technical Learners: Enhance your understanding of Prisma and database operations.