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Empower Your Social Media with 2.0

Use Cases

  • Text to Video Generation: Convert text content into captivating videos.
  • Smart Copy Generation: AI-powered copywriting for engaging posts.
  • Social Media Ad Copy: Quickly create highly converting ad copies.
  • Text to Creatives Generator: Transform text into stunning visuals.
  • Special Day Posts: Effortlessly craft holiday-themed posts.


Discover the Features That Power 2.0

  • Reel Maker: Create attention-grabbing Reels and Shorts.
  • E-commerce Video Maker: Generate compelling product videos.
  • AI Ad Copy Generator: Instantly craft converting ad copies.
  • Ready-To-Post Creatives: Simplify creative content creation.
  • AI Meme Maker: Turn ideas into entertaining memes.
  • Seamless Platform Integration: Works across platforms and languages.

Suited For 2.0 is designed for businesses, marketers, and content creators seeking to enhance their social media presence with AI-generated captivating videos, images, and copy.

Seamless Integration

Experience the Power of 2.0 Across Platforms

  • Works With Canva and Hootsuite: Integrate with your favorite tools.
  • 18+ Languages Supported: Reach global audiences effortlessly.


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