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PosterStudio is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that allows marketing teams and business owners to effortlessly create captivating social media advertisements without requiring any design skills. By simply providing the messaging of the advertisement, PosterStudio takes care of everything else, including generating high-quality creatives and custom messaging, removing backgrounds from product images, and delivering remarkable results in terms of conversions, engagement, and brand loyalty.


  • Seamless ad generation with AI
  • Real-time AI training
  • Proprietary creative scoring engine
  • Text AI for content creation
  • Generative AI for creative generation
  • Product Ads with AI-powered background removal technology

Use Cases

  • Creating social media advertisements
  • Generating conversion-focused creatives with unlimited variations
  • Efficiently promoting products through AI-powered product placement
  • Simplifying the creative process for marketing teams and business owners

Suited For

  • Marketing teams of large enterprises
  • Small and medium business owners