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Poolplannerai is the best AI pool planner and pool designer tool that allows you to design and visualize your dream pool using artificial intelligence.

With Poolplannerai, you can see what your backyard will look like with a pool before you build it, allowing you to make informed decisions and confidently choose the perfect pool design for your space.


  • Generate 70+ realistic pool designs using AI
  • 1-hour turnaround time
  • Upload your backyard photo and let AI do the magic
  • Browse and compare different pool options
  • Create incredibly realistic images of your backyard with a pool

Use Cases

  • Designing and planning a pool for your backyard
  • Visualizing different pool designs before construction begins
  • Helping pool companies showcase different pool styles to customers

Suited For

  • Homeowners planning to build a pool
  • Pool companies looking to engage customers