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Polyhive is a generative AI tool designed to supercharge the 3D workflow and productivity of professionals, reducing manual creation time by over 90% and enabling the generation of high-quality 3D assets with total control and precision.


  • Automate organization's 3D workflows
  • Reduce manual 3D creation time by > 90%
  • Generate 3D assets with total control and precision
  • Customize Polyhive for art style and graphics pipeline
  • Maintain full control over art style

Use Cases

  • Polyhive for Gaming: Revolutionize game development with AI-assisted 3D creation
  • Polyhive for Animation: Streamline animation pipeline with AI-enhanced 3D creation
  • Polyhive for Design: Inject AI capabilities into CAD workflows and architectural designs

Suited For

  • 3D professionals
  • Game studios
  • Animation studios
  • Designers