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Poly is building a better cloud hosting service for your personal files and media, that lets you search in intuitive natural language, browse and tag things, and sync from your favorite AI services. All with a tool that feels fast and native.

Poly is a cloud hosting service that enhances file management and browsing experience with AI-powered search, conversion, and organization features.


  • Intuitive natural language search
  • AI-enabled multimodal search
  • Customizable layouts for browsing and organizing assets
  • Dynamic collections that auto-update
  • AI-powered file conversion
  • Support for generative asset outputs
  • Seamless connection and auto-import of files from favorite apps
  • Lightning-fast scrolling and customizable views
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • Bulk file management and seamless integration with other apps
  • Secure storage with AES256 encryption and high durability
  • Cloud-first integrations and version control

Use Cases

  • Efficient file management and organization
  • Improved search and retrieval of files using AI capabilities
  • Converting files between different formats quickly and easily
  • Browsing and working with generative assets
  • Secure and scalable cloud storage

Suited For

  • Individuals looking for efficient file management and browsing
  • Users who frequently need to convert files between different formats
  • Content creators and designers working with generative assets
  • Users in need of secure and scalable cloud storage


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