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Podsqueeze is an AI-powered tool that automates podcast content creation by generating transcripts, show notes, titles, blog and social posts, video clips, and more with just one click. It offers features such as transcripts with SRT files for captions and subtitles, summarized show notes, chapters with timestamps, catchy titles, and the ability to generate blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, and podcast clips. Podsqueeze is suited for podcasters, podcast managers, and agencies looking to streamline their podcast content creation workflow.


  • Transcript Generator
  • Subtitles Generator
  • Description Generator
  • Titles Generator
  • Bullet Points Generator
  • Chapters & Clips Generator
  • Social Media Posts Generator
  • Newsletter Generator
  • Blog Post Generator
  • Podcast Landing Pages
  • Podcast Clip Maker

Use Cases

  • Generate transcripts and captions/subtitles for podcast episodes
  • Create show notes to summarize the main topics covered in episodes
  • Add timestamps to create chapters and guide listeners to specific segments of episodes
  • Generate catchy titles for better podcast SEO and engagement
  • Create blog posts and social media posts to promote podcast episodes
  • Generate newsletters to engage and update the audience
  • Create podcast clips and audiograms for video and audio-only podcasts

Suited For

  • Podcasters
  • Podcast managers
  • Agencies


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