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Enhance your reading experience with PlayText, the innovative text-to-speech app that transforms articles into immersive audiobooks. This powerful AI tool utilizes cutting-edge technology to help you read content at a speed that suits you, up to 3 times faster than normal. PlayText creates a distraction-free environment where advanced AI-generated human-like voices read the text aloud, enabling you to absorb information effortlessly while improving content retention and comprehension.

Use Cases

  • Enhanced Reading Speed
  • Content Retention Improvement
  • Support for Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities


  • Text-to-Speech Conversion
  • Distraction-Free Reading Environment
  • Adjustable Reading Speed (1x, 2x, 3x)
  • Multilingual Support (6 Languages)
  • Content Retention & Comprehension

Suited For

  • Readers Seeking Faster Reading
  • Individuals with Dyslexia or Disabilities
  • Content Enthusiasts