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Pitchgrade is an AI Pitch Deck Generator that allows you to create high-quality presentations in 180+ languages with the help of AI. It offers features like generating presentations from a seed prompt instantly, reviewing and rewriting presentations, and providing presentation feedback. With Pitchgrade, you can write presentations 10x faster and focus more on the final touches rather than the first draft. It uses state-of-the-art AI technology to create and review presentations in multiple languages and modes.


  • Generate high-quality presentations in 180+ languages
  • Write presentations 10x faster
  • Get instant presentation feedback with AI Review tool
  • Create pitch decks, sales decks, marketing decks, and more
  • Offer more value and variety than other services
  • Customizable pitch decks to fit specific needs

Use Cases

  • Creating pitch decks
  • Writing sales decks
  • Generating marketing decks
  • Creating presentations in multiple languages
  • Getting instant presentation feedback

Suited For

  • Individuals and businesses who need to create presentations in multiple languages. Entrepreneurs, sales teams, marketers, and professionals who want to create pitch decks, sales decks, and marketing decks more efficiently.