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PicSo is an innovative text-to-image AI Art Generator app and online platform that enables users to turn their ideas into various forms of digital art, such as NFT art and oil paintings.


  • Text-to-Art Conversion: Utilize advanced AI algorithms to generate images based on your text inputs.
  • AI Portrait Creation: Create stunning AI-powered portraits from text descriptions.
  • Image Resizing: Easily resize your images to any ratio and let AI fill the gaps, expanding your image beyond your imagination.

Use Cases

  • NFT Art Creation: Transform your ideas into unique NFT artworks using the text-to-image AI functionality of PicSo.
  • Digital Painting: Generate digital paintings based on your text inputs, exploring various artistic styles and concepts.
  • Portrait Generation: Use the AI Portrait feature to bring your text descriptions to life as visually appealing portraits.

Suited For

  • Artists and Creatives: PicSo provides a versatile toolset for artists and creatives to unleash their imagination and create visually captivating digital art.
  • Digital Art Enthusiasts: Anyone interested in exploring AI-generated art and experimenting with different artistic concepts will find PicSo a valuable resource.


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