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Photoroom is a powerful AI photo editing tool that allows you to create professional product and portrait pictures using just your phone. With Photoroom, you can easily remove backgrounds, change backgrounds, and showcase your products with stunning visuals. Whether you're a reseller, small business owner, or content creator, Photoroom provides all the tools you need to enhance your photos and make them stand out.


  • Background removal tool: Easily erase any background from your photos to keep the focus on the foreground.
  • Object removal tool: Instantly swipe away unwanted objects and defects from your images.
  • Instant Backgrounds: Utilize AI-powered technology to create realistic, studio-quality product images with stunning backgrounds in seconds.
  • Batch Editor: Retouch multiple photos at once, saving you time and speeding up your listing process for platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Depop.

Use Cases

  • Create professional product photos: Use Photoroom to remove distracting backgrounds and showcase your products with high-quality images.
  • Enhance portrait photos: Remove unwanted objects and defects from portrait photos and create stunning visuals.
  • Improve online listings: Retouch photos in batch mode to improve the quality of your online listings, making them more appealing to potential customers.

Suited For

  • Resellers on platforms like eBay and Depop
  • Small business owners
  • Content creators and influencers