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PhotoProAI is an AI-powered tool that transforms selfies into professional photos for use on LinkedIn, websites, and anywhere a high-quality portrait is needed. It offers a simple and affordable solution, requiring just one photo and delivering results in seconds. With the option to choose from various photo styles and the ability to regenerate pictures within the same style, users can easily create personalized and unique portraits. Additionally, PhotoProAI provides curated photo packs and a manual curation option for those looking for more variation and sophistication. Try the free Avatar Generator to test the model before committing to the $9 pricing plan.


  • Transforms selfies into professional photos using AI
  • Easy-to-use dashboard for uploading and creating portraits
  • Option to choose from various photo styles
  • Ability to regenerate pictures within the same style
  • Optional manual curation for curated picture packs
  • Quick turnaround time, with results ready in seconds or within 24 hours for curated packs

Use Cases

  • Creating professional profile photos for LinkedIn
  • Enhancing portraits for personal or business websites
  • Getting high-quality headshots for various purposes

Suited For

  • Professionals seeking a polished profile photo for LinkedIn
  • Individuals in need of high-quality portraits for websites or personal use
  • Anyone looking to transform selfies into professional photos