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Photo AI is a tool that allows users to generate photorealistic images of people using artificial intelligence. It enables users to save money and do a photo shoot from their laptop or phone without hiring an expensive photographer.

The tool offers the ability to upload selfies and create custom AI characters, take AI photos in any pose, place or action, create AI videos from AI photos, and choose from a variety of photo packs such as AI Yearbook, Old Money, and Naughty Halloween. Additionally, users can use the Sketch2Image feature to create AI-generated fashion designs.


  • Upload selfies and create AI characters
  • Take AI photos in any pose, place or action
  • Create AI videos from AI photos
  • Choose from a variety of photo packs
  • Create AI-generated fashion designs

Use Cases

  • Photo shoots without hiring a photographer
  • Testing ideas before creating a real photoshoot
  • Creating AI characters
  • Generating AI photos and videos
  • Creating AI-generated fashion designs

Suited For

  • Photographers
  • Content creators
  • Fashion designers
  • Individuals looking for realistic AI photos