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Pencil is an AI tool that helps users create ads twice as fast by using generative AI, resulting in cost savings and improved ad performance.

With features like generating fresh ideas, understanding the impact of ads, and providing a collaborative platform for ad creation and launch, Pencil empowers users to maximize their productivity and results at every stage of the ad workflow.

Trusted by over 5,000 brands and agencies, Pencil offers enterprise-grade safety and control, direct platform integrations, and access to a library of AI ads for inspiration and benchmarking.


  • Generative AI for fast ad creation
  • Realtime insights on ad performance
  • Collaborative platform for ad creation and launch
  • Enterprise-grade safety and control
  • Direct platform integrations
  • Access to AI ads library

Use Cases

  • Creating ads that perform better and double ad performance
  • Saving time and effort in the ad creation process
  • Collaborating within teams and across functions for more effective ad campaigns

Suited For

  • Brands and agencies looking to improve their ad performance
  • Marketers and advertisers who want to save time in ad creation
  • Teams and organizations that need a collaborative platform for ad creation