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PatentPal is a generative AI tool that automates mechanical writing in patent applications, allowing users to easily input claims, generate specifications and figures, and export drafts into Word and Visio. The tool is simple and intuitive, allowing users to customize generated phrases and create multiple profiles.

The tool generates flowcharts for methods, block diagrams for systems and devices, detailed descriptions of figures, and abstracts and summaries to support all claims.


  • Automates mechanical writing in patent applications
  • Allows users to input claims, generate specifications and figures
  • Enables export of drafts into Word and Visio
  • Customizable generated phrases
  • Supports multiple profiles

Use Cases

  • Automating the writing process in patent applications
  • Generating flowcharts, block diagrams, and detailed descriptions for patents
  • Supporting claims with abstracts and summaries

Suited For

  • Patent attorneys and agents
  • Inventors and innovators
  • Companies and organizations filing patents