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Pagewise is an AI-powered tool that offers intuitive, conversational access to your Confluence pages directly within Slack. It aims to streamline access to your company's knowledge-base, eliminate repetitive queries, and enhance team communication by bringing relevant information into the Slack workspace.

Use Cases

  • Effortless access to Confluence data
  • Reducing repetitive queries
  • Enhancing team communication


Pagewise offers a range of features to optimize your access to Confluence data:

  • AI-powered conversational access
  • Seamless Slack and Confluence integration
  • Elimination of manual data searches
  • Scaling with business growth

Suited For

Pagewise is ideal for teams looking to enhance access to Confluence data and optimize team communication:

  • Teams using Confluence for knowledge management
  • Teams aiming to reduce repetitive queries
  • Teams seeking improved collaboration