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PageWise turns tedious searches through complex Confluence spaces into intuitive AI-powered conversations with your company's knowledge-base directly in Slack.

It eliminates time wasted on repetitive questions and searching for information, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

PageWise AI integrates seamlessly with your Slack and Confluence accounts, no technical knowledge required.


  • Instant insight into your Confluence data
  • Effortless integration with Slack and Confluence
  • No more sifting through pages
  • Reduce repetitive queries
  • Connecting the dots within your Confluence pages
  • Boost communication within your team
  • Scales with your business needs

Use Cases

  • Accessing Confluence pages in Slack
  • Eliminating repetitive questions and searches
  • Streamlining team communication and discussions

Suited For

  • Teams using Confluence and Slack for collaboration
  • Users who want to save time searching for information and answering repetitive questions