Arktan logo is a tool that allows you to conduct qualitative interviews on a large scale, using artificial intelligence to analyze video, audio, and text conversations with hundreds of participants at once. With Outset, you can make better and faster decisions for your business by gaining deep insights from your research data.

The tool is designed to be secure, with all data fully anonymized and no models ever trained on your data. It is also built for depth, allowing you to dig beneath the surface and uncover meaningful insights.


  • AI-moderated research
  • Conduct and synthesize video, audio, and text conversations
  • Scale qualitative interviews
  • Analyze data on a large scale
  • Secure and anonymized

Use Cases

  • Market research
  • User feedback analysis
  • Product development
  • Consumer insights
  • Competitor analysis

Suited For

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Market researchers
  • Product managers
  • Data analysts


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