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Outplay is a comprehensive sales engagement platform that utilizes AI-powered conversation intelligence, multi-channel outreach, sales automation, and seamless CRM syncing to help sales teams close more deals and achieve higher revenue. It offers a 14-day free trial and is tailored for fast-scaling SMBs.


  • AI-powered Conversation Intelligence
  • Multi-Channel Outreach
  • Sales Automation
  • Seamless Sync with your CRM

Use Cases

  • Automate outreach and follow ups for a list of contacts across email, social, chat, and phone
  • Snap together personalized automated email and social outreach campaigns
  • Reach out to prospects via the dashboard dialer or magic chat
  • Combine automated outreach and lead scraping without compromising lead quality
  • Gain access to published pricing and hands-on support for growing SMBs

Suited For

  • Sales teams in fast-scaling SMBs