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OpenDream is a free AI Art Generator that allows users to unleash their creativity and craft AI Art masterpieces within seconds. Whether you want to create stunning AI images, generate AI anime characters, or design logos and icons, OpenDream provides limitless creative possibilities. With customizable templates and a text prompt input, users can easily bring their creative visions to life. OpenDream is an online AI art generator that is accessible to everyone, with no credit card required.

The outstanding features of OpenDream include its ability to generate AI art from text prompts, its AI Anime Generator to create custom anime characters, and a wide selection of customizable templates. Users also retain ownership of the artworks they create. OpenDream is available on various platforms and offers different image generation models for users to choose from.


  • AI Art generation from text prompts
  • AI Anime Generator
  • Customizable templates

Use Cases

  • Creating stunning AI images
  • Generating AI anime characters
  • Designing logos and icons

Suited For

  • Digital artists
  • Anime enthusiasts
  • Logo designers
  • Artistic individuals