Arktan logo Monitoring is an AI-powered tool that offers insights and context into customer and support agent communications. It uses advanced algorithms to monitor conversations, identify potential issues leading to customer and revenue losses, and evaluate the quality of written communication. With features like tone-of-voice and spelling mistake detection, it helps support teams save time, gather data for KPI evaluation, boost revenues, and compare multi-lingual teams. The tool offers easy integration with popular Helpdesk and CRM platforms, supports over 20 languages, and prioritizes privacy and data safety.


  • AI-powered monitoring of customer and support agent communications
  • Tone-of-voice and spelling mistake detection
  • Identification of issues leading to customer and revenue losses
  • Evaluation of agent performance based on data from 100% of conversations
  • Language comparison for multi-lingual support teams
  • Easy integration with Helpdesk and CRM platforms
  • Support for over 20 languages
  • GDPR compliance and data privacy

Use Cases

  • Automated supervision and monitoring of customer support interactions
  • Evaluation and improvement of agent performance and communication
  • Identification of customer and revenue loss issues
  • Quality assurance and correction of communication problems

Suited For

  • Customer Support Leaders
  • QA Leaders
  • Support Teams