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OnePrompt is a chatbot application designed to enhance AI chat interactions by seamlessly integrating with iOS functions using plugins, simplifying prompt switching, supporting chat log storage, and offering powerful personal assistant capabilities.


  • Effortlessly create new prompts
  • Seamlessly switch prompts via the chat screen menu
  • Optimize prompt parameters for improved performance
  • Plugins for integrating with iOS functions like Weather, Contacts and Calendars (aka Events)
  • Support for user-generated custom plugins
  • Default prompt: Set an automatic initial prompt when starting a chat
  • Import prompt files while creating new prompts
  • Share chat logs with other applications
  • Save and export chat logs in text format
  • Copy text by long-pressing chat bubbles
  • Wallpaper can be set on the top screen

Use Cases

  • Enhancing AI chat interactions
  • Simplifying prompt switching
  • Supporting chat log storage
  • Offering powerful personal assistant capabilities

Suited For

  • Individuals who frequently engage in AI chat interactions and want to elevate their experience by transforming it into a powerful personal assistant