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Welcome to OnePrompt, the ultimate AI chatbot application designed to enhance the AI chat experience through seamless prompt management. With its user-friendly interface, OnePrompt simplifies the process of using AI chat prompts, making it easier than ever to interact with OpenAI's API.

Use Cases

  • Improving AI chat usability and efficiency
  • Enhancing prompt management for chat interactions
  • Streamlining the process of switching prompts
  • Utilizing AI chat for various iOS features


  1. User-friendly interface for AI chat prompts
  2. Seamless prompt switching through the chat screen menu
  3. Optimized prompt parameters for enhanced performance
  4. Integration of plugins for iOS features like Contacts, Calendar, Weather
  5. Saving and exporting chat logs in text format

Suited For

OnePrompt is ideal for individuals seeking an elevated AI chat experience with OpenAI's API. Whether you're an iOS user looking to seamlessly switch prompts and integrate plugins, or someone who values efficient prompt management, OnePrompt offers a user-friendly solution to enhance your AI chat interactions.