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Oda Studio is a tool that allows you to easily customize your home by selecting your desired style and color with the help of AI. Using Oda Studio, you can create moodboards and visualize different room types with various styles and colors.

With a simple interface, you can quickly design your living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, children's room, kitchen, or bathroom according to your preferences. You can choose from a range of styles, such as modern, mid-century, bohemian, and minimal, and select colors like beige, navy, salmon, green, dark-gray, mint, mustard, white, red, and black. Additionally, you can add elements like abstract wall art, plants, and landscape wall art to enhance your design.


  • Customize your home in seconds with AI
  • Create moodboards to visualize different room types
  • Choose from a variety of styles and colors
  • Add elements like abstract wall art and plants

Use Cases

  • Designing and visualizing living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, home offices, children's rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms
  • Customizing your home decor according to your preferred style and color scheme
  • Creating moodboards for inspiration

Suited For

  • Homeowners and individuals looking to personalize their living spaces
  • Interior designers and decorators
  • Home decor enthusiasts