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The entire process of running Data Science - building Machine Learning algorithm, explaining results and predicting outcomes, packed in one single click.

Obviously AI is a no-code AI tool that allows users to easily build and deploy predictive models without writing any code, making it the fastest and most precise tool in the market. With Obviously AI, users can go from raw data to industry-leading predictive models in minutes, saving time and resources.


  • Model Building: Ground breaking AI models built in minutes, not months.
  • Model Deployment: Get your AI models to production in just one click.
  • Model Monitoring: Automatic model monitoring combined with if-this-than-that automations with Zapier.
  • Integration & Sharing: Real-time REST APIs that power your product.
  • Expert Support: Get 24x7 access to a dedicated data scientist who becomes an extension of your team helping with data merging, enrichment, cleaning and other statistical work.

Use Cases

  • Build and deploy predictive models without coding
  • Save time and resources in the data science process
  • Integrate AI into existing applications and tools
  • Automate model monitoring and actions based on predictions

Suited For

  • Data analysts
  • Business professionals
  • Data-driven teams
  • Non-technical users