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ObfusCat is the ultimate code privacy solution designed specifically for ChatGPT users.

It ensures that your private code never leaves your local machine, keeping your confidential information secure.

With ObfusCat, you can enjoy the benefits of an AI code assistant without compromising your sensitive data.

Download ObfusCat from the App Store to experience unrivaled code privacy.


  • Preserves code privacy by keeping your private code on your local machine
  • Allows you to take advantage of ChatGPT's AI code assistance without exposing your confidential information
  • Keeps your sensitive data secure and protected

Use Cases

  • ChatGPT users who want to benefit from code assistance while maintaining the privacy of their code
  • Individuals who work on sensitive projects and need to keep their code confidential

Suited For

  • Programmers and developers who want to enhance their coding experience without compromising privacy