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Notion AI is a tool that allows you to get answers to your urgent questions by using information from your wiki, projects, and documents.

It offers features such as Q&A, which unblocks your work by providing information across your various sources, a writing assistant that helps with writing and brainstorming, autofill tables that turn overwhelming data into actionable information, and database analysis that generates insights, summaries, and action items.


  • Q&A to get answers to urgent questions
  • Writing assistant to improve writing and brainstorming
  • Autofill tables to make data more clear and actionable
  • Database analysis to generate insights and summaries

Use Cases

  • Getting quick answers to urgent questions
  • Improving writing and brainstorming
  • Converting overwhelming data into actionable information
  • Analyzing databases to generate insights and summaries

Suited For

  • Individuals who need to find quick answers to their urgent questions
  • Writers and brainstormers who need help in improving their work
  • Data analysts who need to make sense of overwhelming data
  • Companies of any size that want to improve their workflow and productivity