Arktan logo is a press release writing tool powered by GPT-3 OpenAI that allows you to create engaging and appealing press releases quickly. It can generate press releases from scratch or enhance existing ones, providing creative ideas for improvement. While AI-generated content is suggested for editing, the tool offers valuable features such as, which detects AI-generated copy, and integration with SalesNexus for email management. It also provides resources for perfecting press release style and offers opportunities to monetize as a micro-influencer. Developed by, is part of the News Marketing Service. is a GPT-3 OpenAI powered generative AI press release writing tool that helps you create compelling and eye-catching press releases in minutes. Human editing is always recommended — never rely exclusively on AI.


  • Ability to write press releases from scratch using conversational prompts
  • Capability to improve existing press releases by providing creative ideas
  • Integration with to detect AI-generated content
  • Integration with SalesNexus for email management
  • Resources and guidance for perfecting press release style
  • Opportunities for micro-influencers to monetize their content
  • Developed by

Use Cases

  • Creating professional press releases
  • Enhancing existing press releases
  • Minimizing time and effort in press release writing
  • Monetizing content as a micro-influencer

Suited For

  • Public relations professionals
  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Content creators
  • Journalists