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The Art Generator is an online tool that harnesses the power of AI to generate art based on simple prompts provided by the user. Whether you want to create a fantasy illustration, an anime-style image, or a painting, the AI-powered generator can bring your vision to life. With over 53 million images already generated by users, the tool provides a vast library of inspiration. Additionally, the Art Generator offers features to enhance the quality of videos and images, restore and enhance old photos, and boost audio sample rates. It's a versatile tool that can be used by artists, content creators, and anyone looking to explore the creative possibilities of AI.


  • AI art generation based on simple prompts
  • Enhancement of video and image quality
  • Restoration and enhancement of old photos
  • Boosting audio sample rates
  • Vast collection of publicly generated images for inspiration

Use Cases

  • Creating unique and visually stunning art pieces
  • Enhancing the quality of videos and images
  • Restoring and enhancing old photos
  • Improving the audio quality of audio files
  • Finding inspiration from a vast library of generated images

Suited For

  • Artists
  • Content creators
  • Photographers
  • Video editors
  • Creatives looking for AI-based inspiration