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NeuCore by AIliverse is a revolutionary GPGPU framework that allows users to train and run AI models faster and more efficiently than ever before. With wide GPU compatibility, NeuCore outperforms CUDA by 3x in speed and efficiency, making it a powerful tool for AI development. It also supports direct compilation, which further enhances its speed and efficiency. NeuCore is designed to simplify complex networks by using simpler Optypes, resulting in lightning-fast inference on M2 Max with 0.294 seconds per iteration. Additionally, NeuCore offers a Kookree Box, a powerful and affordable computer that can run the latest AI models.

Kookree supports various GPUs and FPGAs, including AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, providing users with flexibility in their AI development. It is 3x faster than CUDA on similar hardware, making it a preferred choice for those seeking faster AI processing. NeuCore is trusted by organizations of all sizes and is built in Singapore.


  • Wide GPU compatibility
  • 3x faster than CUDA
  • Direct compilation
  • Lightning-fast inference on M2 Max
  • Kookree Box - a powerful and affordable computer for AI models
  • Trusted by organizations of all sizes
  • Built in Singapore

Use Cases

  • Training and running AI models
  • Boosting AI flexibility
  • Accelerating AI development

Suited For

  • AI developers
  • Data scientists
  • AI researchers