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Nara is an AI-powered chatbot that helps businesses increase sales and improve customer satisfaction on all chat channels by providing automated actions, omnichannel human-level support, and a human touch experience.

Users can teach Nara about their business and it will seamlessly provide tailored shopping advice, resolve support issues, and simplify customer checkout.

Nara offers different pricing plans, including a custom plan option, to suit the unique needs of every business.


  • Automated actions that save time by handling order tracking questions, cancellations, refunds, and other workflows
  • Omnichannel human-level support that integrates with chat channels like CRMs, Instagram DMs, and email
  • A human touch experience that aims to provide the comfort and ease of interacting with a helpful sales associate

Use Cases

  • Increase sales on autopilot
  • Improve customer satisfaction on all chat channels

Suited For

  • Online stores
  • Businesses looking for AI-powered chatbot support