Arktan logo is a tool that enables users to build fast and high-quality code using AI. It offers a range of features, including codebase chat and semantic search, multi-file edit, test generation, and repo intelligence. With, users can create high-quality code effortlessly and leverage AI's capabilities to make software development more efficient and reliable. It is suited for individuals and teams looking to enhance their coding experience with AI-powered tools.


  • Codebase chat + Semantic search
  • Multi-file Edit
  • Test generation including Integration Testing
  • Repo intelligence: Auto Bug / Auto Wiki / Auto Standup

Use Cases

  • Effortlessly create high-quality code
  • Enhance code understanding with AI
  • Improve testing process with AI-powered test generation
  • Leverage repo intelligence to find bugs and track team work

Suited For

  • Individual developers
  • Development teams


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