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Mubert is a music platform that uses AI-generated music to provide royalty-free tracks for content creators, brands, and developers. With a range of tools and features, Mubert allows users to create custom soundtracks, integrate music into their products, contribute their own music to the platform, and discover a constantly evolving playlist of music for various moods and occasions.


  • Mubert Render: Create custom soundtracks that match your content's mood, duration, and tempo.
  • Mubert Studio: Collaborate with AI to produce and monetize your own music.
  • Mubert Extension: Easily create custom music within AE or Premiere.
  • Mubert API: Get original music for your product, stress-free, and royalty-free.
  • Mubert Play: Discover an infinite soundtrack for any moment and mood.

Use Cases

  • Generate custom soundtracks for video content, podcasts, and apps.
  • Create and monetize your own music with AI assistance.
  • Integrate AI-generated music into your products and games.
  • Discover a constantly evolving playlist of music for different moods and occasions.

Suited For

  • Content creators, including video creators, podcasters, and app developers.
  • Artists and musicians looking to collaborate with AI and monetize their music.
  • Developers and brands in need of original, royalty-free music for their products and platforms.
  • Listeners seeking an evolving music experience for various moments and activities.