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Movmi is an AI-powered motion capture tool that offers high-quality human motion capture software for 3D animators, allowing them to capture motion from 2D media data (videos) and generate life-like 3D poses from written descriptions. Additionally, Movmi provides an AI-powered creative mentor chat bot, collaborative team space, and support for multiple human characters. It also offers subscription plans with different feature sets and access to a collection of free 3D characters in the Movmi Store.


  • AI-powered motion capture from 2D media data
  • Pose generation from descriptive text
  • Integration with Mixamo characters
  • AI-powered creative mentor chat bot
  • Collaborative team space
  • Support for multiple human characters
  • Subscription plans with different feature sets
  • Access to a collection of free 3D characters in the Movmi Store

Use Cases

  • Creating high-quality human body animations
  • Converting written descriptions into 3D poses
  • Collaborating with teams on animation projects
  • Animating scenarios with multiple human characters

Suited For

  • 3D animators
  • Artists
  • Motion developers


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