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Mottle Bot is an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to effortlessly create a customized chatbot for your website without any coding. With easy installation and the ability to answer customer queries rapidly using your existing documentation, Mottle Bot streamlines customer support and improves customer satisfaction. It also provides multilingual support and natural language understanding for catering to diverse customer bases.


  • Effortlessly create a chatbot tailored to your business needs without any coding.
  • Easy installation with simple copy and paste of HTML code.
  • Ability to build a smart bot that provides accurate answers using your existing documentation.
  • No code, hosting, or APIs required.
  • Easy debugging to see which documents were used to generate each answer.
  • Multilingual support for catering to diverse customer bases.

Use Cases

  • Streamline customer support on your website.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing quick and accurate responses.
  • Automate frequently asked questions.
  • Cater to a diverse customer base with multilingual support.

Suited For

  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Website owners
  • Customer support teams