Arktan logo is a music app that allows users to practice music by removing vocals, separating instruments, mastering tracks, and remixing songs using AI. It offers features like AI audio separation, smart metronome, pitch changer, and chord detection. The app is made for musicians, singers, producers, and music enthusiasts who want to enhance their skills and create unique music experiences.


  • AI audio separation to remove or isolate vocals and instruments in any song
  • Smart metronome and audio speed changer to practice at your own pace
  • Pitch changer and AI key detection to control and change the key of a song
  • Chord detection to detect and display chords in real-time

Use Cases

  • Practicing music by removing vocals or isolating specific instruments
  • Creating backing tracks or remixes
  • Practicing at different speeds or keys
  • Transposing chords to different keys

Suited For

  • Musicians
  • Singers
  • Producers
  • Music enthusiasts