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Welcome to Mix Check Studio – your one-stop destination for perfecting your mixing and mastering skills!

Whether you're a musician or an audio enthusiast, if you've ever asked yourself 'How can I improve my mixing?', you're in the right place.


  • Cutting-edge AI technology for analyzing mixes and masters
  • Accurate and actionable feedback for refining mixes and masters
  • Supports WAV or MP3 audio file formats
  • Ability to specify if the track is mixed or mastered
  • Option to indicate the musical style or genre of the track
  • Secure audio file upload with privacy protection
  • Anonymized storage of analysis results
  • Feedback button for providing suggestions or feedback

Use Cases

  • Musicians looking to improve the quality of their mixes and masters
  • Audio enthusiasts seeking professional feedback on their work

Suited For

  • Musicians
  • Audio enthusiasts