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Missive is an email, group chat, and task management tool designed for productive teams to streamline their internal and external communications in one app.

With features like a team inbox, shared or private communication channels, accountability, efficiency, and focus, Missive provides a collaborative experience for growing businesses.


  • Accountability: Always know who’s working on what.
  • Efficiency: All your communication channels, shared or private in a single app.
  • Clarity: See the whole picture, team by team.
  • Team Work: Collaborate around any kind of shared inbox: email, sms, webchat, etc.
  • Focus: With scoped conversations, nothing gets missed or buried.

Use Cases

  • Efficient team communication and collaboration
  • Task management and tracking
  • Streamlining internal and external email communication

Suited For

  • Productive teams
  • Businesses
  • Remote teams
  • Collaborative projects