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Miro AI, also known as Miro Assist, is an innovative tool that combines AI-powered mind mapping, diagramming, and automation features to enhance creativity, collaboration, and productivity. With Miro AI, users can quickly explore new topics, uncover valuable insights from customer research, and visualize data in an instant. The tool also offers enterprise-grade security and compliance to ensure data protection.

Miro AI offers various features to supercharge your favorite tools, including the ability to summarize and cluster sticky notes, automatically generate mind maps and technical diagrams, and provide a question and answer interface for accessing and utilizing the tool. Miro AI is currently in beta and is trusted by many innovative companies for its comprehensive capabilities and integration with the secure Miro platform.


  • AI-powered mind mapping and diagramming
  • Automatic generation of presentations and action lists
  • Summarizing and clustering of sticky notes
  • Instant generation of mind maps and technical diagrams
  • Question and answer interface for accessing and utilizing Miro AI

Use Cases

  • Quickly exploring new topics and aligning teams
  • Uncovering valuable insights from customer research
  • Visualizing data and generating presentations for team collaboration and stakeholder engagement

Suited For

  • Individuals and teams looking to enhance creativity and collaboration
  • Companies in need of a secure and comprehensive AI-powered tool for productivity
  • Professionals in various fields such as research, design, and strategy