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Mintlify is a tool that provides beautiful and engaging documentation, with features such as GPT-4 powered chat box, editing workflow, API playground, documentation analytics, search, leads generator, preview deployments, and more.

It is built for the modern business to engage users and is designed to make updating documentation effortless.


  • GPT-4 powered chat box for users to get direct answers to their questions
  • Editing workflow built into where you work
  • Interactive experience built around your APIs
  • Understand what users are viewing and where they are converting
  • Content is indexed on every update for lightning fast full-text search
  • Identify sales prospects viewing your documentation
  • Review and share your changes before they go live

Use Cases

  • Creating beautiful and engaging documentation
  • Providing direct answers to user questions through the AI chat box
  • Streamlining the editing workflow
  • Creating interactive experiences with APIs
  • Gaining insights into user behavior and conversions
  • Improving search functionality for content
  • Generating leads through documentation views
  • Reviewing and previewing changes before deployment

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Technical writers
  • Product managers
  • Documentation teams