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Mindsmith is a next-gen eLearning authoring tool that uses generative AI to make it easy (and extremely fast) to create and share learning content. With Mindsmith, you can customize your lessons, collaborate with teammates, automatically update your lessons in your LMS, track progress and events, and gain real feedback from users. It offers features like AI audio narration, content customization, theming, and multi-language support. Mindsmith has been highly praised by professionals in the field of instructional design for its rapid authoring and eLearning development capabilities.


  • Customize lessons and collaborate with teammates
  • Use generative AI to create and edit lessons
  • Add AI audio narration
  • Automatically update lessons in your LMS
  • Track progress and events
  • Receive real feedback from users

Use Cases

  • Create and share eLearning lessons and resources
  • Rapid authoring and eLearning development

Suited For

  • Instructional designers
  • eLearning designers
  • Curriculum development teams