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MindsDB is a tool that allows you to apply NLP models like OpenAI GPT and Hugging Face to your text data using simple SQL commands within your database environment.


  • Automatically classify and label text columns
  • Create messages
  • Summarize and translate text
  • Analyze unstructured data for valuable insights
  • Run NLP use-cases across all available unstructured data in your tables
  • Generate predictions and inference directly at the data layer
  • Call NLP models with only a few lines of SQL code
  • Access NLP models and data through a single interface inside the database environment
  • Easily build multi-layered AI solutions

Use Cases

  • Classify and label text in your database
  • Extract insights from text data inside databases
  • Perform sentiment analysis, question answering, and text summarization on database data
  • Make your database intelligent by predicting and analyzing data

Suited For

  • Data analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Database administrators
  • Machine learning practitioners
  • AI developers