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MJSplitter is a free tool that allows you to split your Midjourney Grid into single images. Simply paste or upload your image grid, click to split, and download the individual images in Jpeg format. You can also share your images on social media. MJSplitter is not affiliated with Midjourney and ensures that images are deleted from the server after 24 hours to protect your privacy.


  • Split Midjourney Grid into single images.
  • Easy paste or upload functionality.
  • Download images in Jpeg format.
  • Share images on social media.
  • Privacy protection with image deletion after 24 hours.

Use Cases

  • Splitting Midjourney Grid into individual images.
  • Saving and downloading images from Midjourney Grid.
  • Sharing Midjourney Grid images on social media.

Suited For

  • Photographers
  • Social media users
  • Midjourney Grid users