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MeetraAI is an API-based infrastructure that allows for deep analysis of human conversations and interactions, providing insights and valuable information.

It offers features such as extracting transcripts, summaries, key points, and questions from conversations, analyzing group dynamics, conducting topic deep dives, and tracking dynamic fluctuations in conversations.


  • Extracts transcripts, summaries, key points, and questions from conversations
  • Analyzes group dynamics including sentiment, energy, interactions, and balance
  • Conducts topic deep dives to identify specific discussion points, contributors, and interaction patterns
  • Tracks dynamic fluctuations in conversations such as energy and sentiment changes over time

Use Cases

  • Analyzing and improving team interactions
  • Extracting insights from customer calls or meetings
  • Monitoring and tracking the progress of group discussions
  • Identifying pivotal moments and their effects in conversations

Suited For

  • Organizations seeking to improve collaboration and communication
  • Teams and individuals interested in analyzing and optimizing their conversation dynamics