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Maya is a Singapore-based AI and Big Data company that offers the platform to help enterprises with revenue acceleration, personalization, and marketplaces. They specialize in unlocking the value of data to increase customer engagement and boost revenue. With a vision to accelerate time to market, Maya provides access to clean external data in weeks, sets up digital storefronts at the customer level in 30 days, and launches digital wallets within months. Their end-to-end platform centralizes data cleaning, enrichment, and campaign management, making it a valuable tool for businesses.'s solutions are available for various industries, including consumer banking, fintech, travel, tech distribution, and retail.

Use Cases

  • Unlocking the value of data for revenue acceleration
  • Personalization and engagement with customers
  • Creating marketplaces and digital storefronts
  • Data cleaning and enrichment
  • Running campaigns and analytics

Suited For

  • Enterprises looking to increase revenue and customer engagement
  • Companies seeking a centralized platform for data management and campaign execution