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MarketingBlocks AI is an all-in-one AI marketing assistant that can create landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, email swipes, and more in just 60 seconds. It utilizes AI to generate high-converting marketing assets that can be used in any niche and any language. The tool offers features such as AI page builder, AI banner designer, AI video creator, AI avatar spokesvideo, AI talking photos, AI copywriter, AI long form writer, auto GPT for books, AI helps create courses, AI logo and business card creator, AI speech synthesis and voice cloning, AI transcriber, AI background removal, AI social sparks, image colorizer, AI image eraser, image enhancer and upscaler, custom bot builder, and chat blocks.


  • All-in-one AI marketing assistant
  • Create landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, email swipes, blog posts, and articles
  • Utilize AI to generate high-converting marketing assets
  • Supports any niche and any language
  • Drag-n-drop page builder and graphic editing tool
  • Create personalized, professional-looking AI videos
  • Transform text into engaging AI videos
  • Create AI videos featuring real humans or avatars
  • Transform photos into engaging, talking pictures
  • AI writes marketing copy in 100+ languages
  • AI writer writes full blog posts, books, business plans, VSL scripts, and courses
  • Generate book ideas, titles, outlines, chapters, and more using AI
  • Generate course ideas, titles, outlines, descriptions, and content using AI
  • Create logos, business cards, mission statements, and more using AI
  • Generate and brainstorm marketing, growth, viral, and business model ideas using AI
  • Create SEO-optimized articles using AI
  • Turn text into compelling images and arts using AI
  • AI writes voiceover scripts and generates human-like voiceovers
  • Turn audio into text, edit, rewrite, or summarize using AI
  • Automatically remove backgrounds from images
  • Generate hundreds of social media posts using AI
  • Instantly colorize black and white photos using AI
  • Remove unwanted objects, defects, watermarks, and text from images using AI
  • Enhance and upscale images using AI
  • Create custom chatbots trained with your own business data
  • AI-powered virtual assistant with up-to-date information
  • Supports multiple languages

Use Cases

  • Create landing pages and websites
  • Design banners and ads
  • Create promo videos
  • Transform text into engaging videos
  • Transform photos into talking pictures
  • Generate marketing copy in multiple languages
  • Write blog posts, books, business plans, scripts, and courses
  • Create logos and business cards
  • Generate marketing and growth ideas
  • Write SEO-optimized articles
  • Create compelling images and arts
  • Generate voiceover scripts and human-like voiceovers
  • Transcribe audio and summarize content
  • Remove backgrounds and unwanted objects from images
  • Enhance and upscale low-quality images
  • Create custom chatbots for customer service and knowledge management
  • Generate social media posts

Suited For

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Digital marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Content creators
  • Graphic designers
  • Video editors
  • Authors
  • Course creators
  • Branding agencies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media managers
  • Chatbot developers