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MagicSlides is an innovative tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to transform text into professional presentation slides. With its user-friendly interface, MagicSlides allows users to create stunning presentations in seconds. Whether you have an outline, a specific topic, or a YouTube video, you can easily generate slides that are visually appealing and engaging. With a wide range of themes, font choices, color palettes, and layouts, MagicSlides ensures that your presentations look impressive and professional. It integrates seamlessly with Google Slides and requires no learning curve, allowing you to use a familiar and beloved tool. With over 1 million installs and a high rating from users, MagicSlides is the go-to tool for anyone who wants to create captivating presentations effortlessly.


  • AI-powered text-to-presentation tool
  • Creates presentation slides from any piece of text
  • Generates slides based on topics or YouTube videos
  • Offers a variety of themes, fonts, color palettes, and layouts
  • Seamless integration with Google Slides
  • No need to learn a new tool

Use Cases

  • Transforming text into presentation slides
  • Creating visually appealing presentations quickly
  • Generating slides based on specific topics or YouTube videos
  • Enhancing presentations with professional themes, fonts, and layouts

Suited For

  • Professionals
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Business professionals
  • Content creators