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MagicForm App is a tool that utilizes AI to empower teachers, schools, and HR teams to create assessments at scale by generating quizzes from any text in seconds.

With MagicForm, users can easily copy and paste text from any source, such as Wikipedia, PDF books, or the web, and enter the number of questions and question type to automatically generate quizzes.

This tool is suited for teachers, students, HR teams, publishers, and edtech companies who want to create quizzes or tests quickly and efficiently.


  • AI-powered quiz generation from any text source
  • Ability to enter number of questions and choose question type
  • User-friendly interface and easy installation as a Google Forms add-on

Use Cases

  • Creating quizzes and tests for teachers, schools, and HR teams
  • Generating assessments from compliance documents for HR teams
  • Creating quizzes for publishers and edtech companies

Suited For

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • HR teams
  • Publishers
  • Edtech companies


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