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Möbel is an AI-powered tool that allows you to create customized interior design variations and transform your room. With Möbel, you can upload a picture of your room, specify the desired style, and choose the number of variations you want to generate. The tool uses state-of-the-art AI models to generate high-quality interior designs that are both inspiring and precise. Möbel also allows you to save your designs in a personal gallery for future reference.

Whether you're looking to get inspiration for a room makeover or visualize how different styles would look in your space, Möbel is the perfect tool for transforming and exploring interior design possibilities.


  • Upload a picture of a room and generate customized interior design variations
  • Specify the desired room and style
  • Choose the number of variations to be generated
  • Save designs in a personal gallery

Use Cases

  • Getting inspiration for room makeovers
  • Visualizing different interior design styles in your space
  • Exploring custom interior design options

Suited For

  • Homeowners looking to transform their rooms with AI-generated designs
  • Interior designers seeking inspiration and design options for client projects