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Lunit is an AI tool that specializes in detecting lung nodules, aiding in cancer screening and treatment. The tool utilizes deep learning algorithms to accurately identify early-stage cancers, enabling timely management and increasing the chances of survival. It also provides AI biomarkers for immunotherapy, helping predict treatment response and improving efficacy. Lunit has a strong research background, with over 200 studies and abstracts, and has been recognized as a world-leading technology, ranking first in the CAMELYON Grand Challenge 2017. With its growing user base across more than 2,000 sites and partnerships with global research and business partners, Lunit is making significant strides in the field of AI-powered cancer care.


  • AI-based lung nodule detection
  • Deep learning algorithms for accurate cancer screening
  • AI biomarkers for immunotherapy treatment response prediction

Use Cases

  • Detecting early-stage cancers through lung nodule detection
  • Improving immunotherapy efficacy by predicting treatment response

Suited For

  • Medical professionals specializing in radiology and oncology
  • Healthcare institutions and clinics

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