Arktan logo is an AI-powered tool designed to improve the quality of your cold outreach efforts. It provides access to over 275 million up-to-date contacts and suggests personalized, relevant emails to engage with prospects. With, you can increase your chances of getting positive replies and avoid spamming email clients. The tool learns from your behavior and adjusts its recommendations based on proven cold email strategies. integrates seamlessly with popular CRM tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, and offers native integrations with other apps via Zapier. It prioritizes security, GDPR compliance, and your domain reputation to ensure your messages reach the recipient's inbox and avoid bounces. also provides key metrics and insights to help you track and improve your cold outreach performance.


  • Access to 275+ million up-to-date contacts
  • Personalized lead suggestions
  • Zero-typing email generation
  • AI-powered email recommendations based on proven strategies
  • Native integrations with popular CRM tools
  • Security and GDPR compliance
  • Key metrics and analytics

Use Cases

  • Optimizing cold outreach
  • Improving email response rates
  • Scaling lead generation efforts
  • Streamlining prospecting and email writing process

Suited For

  • Sales professionals
  • Business development teams
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups


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