Arktan logo is your assistant for game research and design, offering a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools to supercharge your team's efficiency and creativity in game development.

With features like AI-generated game ideation, trend monitoring, smart research, and productivity tools, provides a one-stop destination for game studios to stay ahead in the market and design the next chart-topping game.


  • AI-powered game ideation and creation
  • Trend monitoring to stay up-to-date with market trends
  • AI-powered game search for efficient research and analysis
  • Tools to boost productivity and streamline game design process

Use Cases

  • Generating new game concepts and ideas
  • Identifying market trends and themes for game development
  • Conducting efficient game research and analysis
  • Organizing and collaborating on game design projects

Suited For

  • Game developers
  • Game designers
  • Artists
  • Game studios


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